Minimalism//5 Reasons to Love Minimalism

Minimalism has grown in popularity over the past years. Some will go as far as to say that it has become a trend. In my opinion there may be some truth to that. There are hundreds of articles and videos about minimalism currently in circulation on the internet. And while that may be good in a sense, there certainly have been negative comments as it pertains to minimalism and being a minimalist. 
Most of this can be attributed to the fact that some people are now making their own extreme definitions of who is to be considered a minimalist. But to be frank, there is no "one size fits all" in the world of minimalism. A single person, a couple living together (with or without children), a student, etc. will all have different needs. 
Minimalism is simply about removing clutter from one's life. It's about living with the essentials. With that said, anyone (regardless of your age, income, gender, or race) can become a minimalist. There is a huge misconception that one mus…

About The Minimalist Pursuit

Hello Loves!

My name is Krystal, but I'm affectionately called Krissy by my friends and family. I was born in the beautiful Island of Jamaica, but I now reside in Ontario Canada.
I'm a Registered Nurse by profession having practiced in Pediatric Nursing for 4.5 years. My life is focused on building deep relationships and gaining new experiences, thus I have always been drawn to the minimalist way of life...long before I knew there was a word for it! Now I could write a huge description about myself here but figured đŸ‘‰this link might be a better explanation to those interestedđŸ˜‰                                                                                        
I know different people have different definitions for this term, and there is usually a big debate about who is considered to be a minimalist. Minimalism to me varies from person to person and their lifestyle. To me it is basically about living an uncluttered life...both physically and mentally.

My blog looks at min…